Record company Kingsize Records

Record company Kingsize Records

As any other record company Kingsize Records makes music recordings and music videos in its production facilities fitted with the musical instruments and advanced equipment. In addition to production activity it markets the above works under the certain trademark and if it is needed it manages all brands which it is associated with coordinating all the connected processes. It usually collaborates with companies, bands or musicians who apply to it for services, but also it carries out talent scouting itself. When it is lucky enough to find gifted singers or other artists, it develops them creating an image and repertoire. The record company Kingsize Records is also called “record label” – the term known due to a circular label that can be found on a vinyl record containing information about manufacturer and other useful data.

How does Kingsize Records work?

Before starting collaboration with a client Kingsize Records concludes contracts with artists or their representatives acting as their managers. As far as it has never been a part of a bigger domestic company or international media group the record label has always been trading under the same name and is well known in professional circles. It usually enters into a recording contract with an artist receiving the percentage of sales of his recordings. Collaboration may last for a short period of time or may be long supported. It may be connected to specific recordings or it may refer to any activity of the artist and in general to the particular brand – for example, name of the celebrity. Of course the most clients of Kingsize Records prefer renewing agreement from time to time and rearranging the terms making them more favorable to them. The record company employs the experienced lawyers who deal with such issues and find the win-win solutions so that the company receives its honest royalties.

Usually the label enters upon operations producing compilation CD making a band or a singer to be heard at the local market. Thus more people get familiar with them and the future sales will be more profitable.

If it is necessary the label can find additional musicians and even hit songs. It may control the output of recording sessions, though, when the artists are established, the label is less involved in the process of records but spends more time on promotion. Besides such an output provides visibility for Kingsize Records also, not only for the artist, and that makes it more attractive for further clients and useful for the current ones. So the label starts communicating with different parties able to offer air play for that music. It can be radio station, record store, online resources and so on. Kingsize Records starts selling the material. When the result is obvious, the next promotion instrument is used – artist live gigs. For that the company working with night clubs, restaurants, concert halls and so on, trying to find the most beneficial terms. When an artist or band plays live to local audience, it develops fanfare and makes the musicians being really popular. Here is the right time for production of a studio CD, which will be surely sold well both in different stores and wherever. It should be understood that the large revenues hardly come at once. Even if there is some money, it will be spent on the further promotion.

Relationship with clients

Usually Kingsize Records promotes not more than 5 bands at the same time so that it could be able to pay enough attention to every client and to offer a promotional assistance of high quality. It is worth mentioning that Kingsize Records does its best to play nice but sometimes it can be difficult to come to a settlement and have understanding with artists. Besides, the possibilities provided by the Internet allow free distribution of audio and video through web radio and other resources including social media. Unfortunately, such channels give almost no financial return to the label. In addition some artists insist that only a major label can perform international marketing – they do not trust in local ones. Such attitude can be a reason for tearing up a contract. Until now Kingsize Records has been able to turn matters in its favor controlling the situation and offering new approaches to promotion and arrangement of sales and providing even more specialized level of service for its clients. It is highly competitive! Kingsize Records does not concentrate its attention on a specific genre of music because this is not the right thing to do on a regional level. There is almost no profit in creating competition between the artists within the same genre in one region. Instead, it find the musicians who can “shine”, try new things and enjoy what they are doing entertaining the audience.